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Wheel of Fate

‘Winter Foraging in Scotland' Print by Katrin Blackwater

‘Winter Foraging in Scotland' Print by Katrin Blackwater

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A4 digital print by Katrin Blackwater 

This print features illustrations of flora, fauna and fungi found in Scotland in Winter. The piece shows colourful illustrations of the following:

1. Jelly Ear Mushroom

2. Wood Aven

3. Scarlet Elfcup Mushroom

4. Hairy Bittercress

5. Winter Chanterelle

6. Scots Pine needles and nuts

7. Velvet Shank Mushroom

8. Sweet Chestnut


Katrin Blackwater is an Edinburgh based artist creating illustrations inspired by Scottish folklore, nature, witchcraft and the celtic neo-pagan seasonal festivals.

Many of the characters in their pieces are drawn from their performance work with Beltane Fire Society. 

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