Facilities and Accessibility


There is metred parking in front of the shop and along Causewayside between 9:30-16:00, but no parking outwith these times.


Wheel of Fate is a small shop comprised of two rooms: a front room for retail and a back room for craft workshops. The main entrance has a small 4cm step in the doorway. The front doorway is 97cm wide. The door handle can be stiff and the door can require force to open, so please knock if assistance is required. The doorway into our workshop room in back is 82cm wide, and has no steps. 

Toilet facilities

Toilets are available for workshop and reading attendees. There is a 12cm step to enter the washroom. The doorway is 60cm wide and the door opens outwards. The room is 220cm long, 74cm wide at the entry and 94cm at the far end. There is no grab rail at this time. 

We apologise that our toilet is small and may be unsuitable for wheelchair users. The closest public accessible toilet is located at the southeasternmost corner of the Meadows on Hope Park Crescent, approximately 3 minutes' walk away (0.2 miles).


The broom making workshop is seated, but uses the synchronised activity of stepping on a dowel with both feet while pulling and twisting the broom with both hands, and requires a moderate amount of upper body strength. This workshop lasts one hour.
The bookbinding workshop is also seated, but requires less physical effort. Crafters will pierce packets of paper with a sharp awl, and use that awl to etch the leather cover, in a pincer grip motion similar to drawing with a thin pen. If the pincer grip is painful for any customer, we can offer padding for comfort. The workshop lasts two hours, with the second hour dedicated to etching. 
The spinning workshop requires working with both arms elevated for extended periods, though we take breaks throughout. This workshop is generally both seated and standing, but can be adapted to be entirely seated if need be. The workshop can last for up to two hours.


We do not have a hearing loop installed.

If you have any specific questions about access, please text or call +447932663825 and we will be happy to offer assistance.