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flower spell jar

flower spell jar

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Flower spell jars have been around since the 16th century. Originally called ‘witch bottles’ these have been made throughout time with the intention of being physical manifestations of a spell. These jars can be used for larger spells, for placing in the home, or for carrying around for protection.

They are available in 7 varieties:

Cleansing - eucalyptus, broom bloom, and lavender

Oath of Fortune - eucalyptus, broom bloom, and rose

Strength - broom bloom, thistle, and larkspur

Love - rose, yarrow, larkspur, baby’s breath, and pink lagarus

Eucalyptus - cleansing, purify, fortune telling, and dream clarity

Lavender - cleansing, calming, and tranquility

Larkspur - dignity, love, and strength


Jars are 8cm tall with a 2cm diameter.


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