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Wheel of Fate

The High Priestess Ceramic Ornament by Genuine Quirk

The High Priestess Ceramic Ornament by Genuine Quirk

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Blue glaze stoneware goddess statue called The High Priestess by Genuine Quirk. She measures approx. 10cm x 5cm. Please note that each of these is handmade and may differ slightly from the photo!

Rooted in the mystique of Scottish folklore, 'Genuine Quirk' makes eco-conscious ceramics that reflect their love of nature.  

Beyond pottery, they have created a range of watercolour prints and other handmade homewares, that bring individuality and whimsical charm to your life. With a dedication to sustainability and being 100% plastic free, Genuine Quirk celebrates the extraordinary in the everyday, one handmade piece at a time.

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