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Wheel of Fate

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

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10ml bottles of essential oil for aromatherapy or fragrance blending, made by NaturallyThinking.

For topical use, blend 1-2 drops per 10ml of base oil. For aromatherapy, add 4 drops to an oil burner or steam water bath.

These oils are not licensed for internal use, and are not food safe. They are not for undiluted application to the skin. 

Associations (from NaturallyThinking) :

Peppermint - Cooling

Rosemary - Concentrate

Sandalwood (Amyris) - Fixative

Sage - Clarifying

Eucalyptus - Uplifting

Cedarwood - Grounding

Bergamot - Euphoric

Ylang Ylang - Mood Boost

Lavender - Calming

Patchouli - Anxiety

Lemon - Purifying

Sweet Orange - Feel good

Vetivert - Emotion

Tea Tree - Clearing

Lemon - 




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