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Wheel of Fate

The Painted Tarot

The Painted Tarot

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The Painted Tarot my Sophie McKay Knight


From the Artist:

”I have had a lifelong interest all things esoteric and after decades of being inspired by storytelling, myth and legend in my art, I created my first tarot deck in 2020, The Painted Tarot. It took over two years to paint each card as a full sized painting – there were 78 of them (!) – but by the end I was not ready to stop. In 2021 I created The Painted Runes, and in 2022 I brought out Next Generation Tarot.

I see my 3 decks as a trilogy who definitely have a relationship with each other, but who also have a distinct character and energy, meaning you can work with each one individually. It is my hope that tarot enthusiasts of all ages and stages will find my decks helpful in connecting with their own creativity and storytelling.

The Painted Tarot is based on the Rider Waite Smith structure but has my own insights and connections woven throughout.

Sophie McKay Knight has been a professional artist since the late 90s, working primarily in water based paint, mixed media and printmaking. She has had a long held fascination with the human condition for as long as she can remember, and this has led her along many different paths of exploration, including (but not limited to) portraiture, working with scientists and studying philosophy.”

Each deck comes with a guidebook written by the author which includes; guides to card meanings, layout and information about the artists practice, and her journey creating the deck.

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