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Wheel of Fate

Scented candles by Bour Tree

Scented candles by Bour Tree

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Scented candles by Bour Tree made with rapeseed wax blended with essential oils. The candle comes in three different fragrances:

Soisgeul- Thyme and Honeysuckle -

Soisgeul is a magic intended to protect and elevate the mood. Both these herbs have been used to provide magical portection in the past and both are know for their cheering scents.

Seun - Juniper and Pine -

Seun is the Highland practice of ritually cleansing a space or person. One way to do this was to burn either Pine or Juniper wood and allow the space to fill with smoke. This candle encapsulates the Highland version of smudging. 

Eòlas - Rose and Elderflower -

Eòlas is inspired by Highland charms meant for healing. Traditional healers would take water from a spring or well and bless it with magical words, the use of this practice was called Eòlas, which means knowledge. This is a rich, heady candle with an intoxicating, sweet scent of rose with the lightness of elderflower. 


Properly looked after these candles will burn for at least 30 hours.


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