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Wheel of Fate

Madame Culpeper’s Olympian Herbal Tea

Madame Culpeper’s Olympian Herbal Tea

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Greek pantheon tea range from Madame Culpeper’s apothecary - enjoy a magical tea blend of homegrown, handcrafted teas made in ritual to honour the Olympians!

Aphrodite - A blend of rose and floral aphrodisiac herbs to help open and soothe the heart and honour the Goddess of beauty and love.

Apollo - A blend of lemon balm, calendula and herbs associated with solar energy to aid with manifesting and calling in joy in honour of the God of the Sun, music and healing arts.

Persephone - A blend of pomegranate, raspberry leaf and herbs associated with transformation, rebirth, aiding shadow work as well as psychic and spiritual advancement, channelling the energy of the Goddess of cyclical rebirth and Queen of the Underworld. 

Hades - A blend of Smokey black tea, cacao nibs, lavender and other herbs to aid with connecting to transformative energies, deep reflection and shadow work to honour the King of the Underworld and God of Metamorphosis 

Hecate - A blend of vervain, lavender, mugwort, cacao and herbs that aid with spiritual healing, 3rd eye opening and magical energy enhancement to honour the Queen of Witches and Goddess of Magic, Crossroads and prophetic visions of destiny. 

Dionysus - A blend of hibiscus, cloves, cinnamon, cranberry, rose and other herbs associated with joy; this mulled wine tasting blend honours the Deity of fluidity, wine and celebration.   


Net Wt. 200g - glass jar

Disclaimer: Please consume responsibly with respect for medicinal qualities herbs can have on the body - if you are on medication or have a condition that may interact with some herbs please consult your GP and/or your clinical herbalist.  

As many herbs as possible are homegrown and harvested by Madame Culpeper in Edinburgh - herbs that cannot be grown in Scotland are sources by a trust local organic supplier. 



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