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Wheel of Fate

"Persevere" Wall Plaque by Ciara Veronica Dunne

"Persevere" Wall Plaque by Ciara Veronica Dunne

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This iconic plaque by Ciara Veronica Dunne features a mystical figure with a crescent moon above their head. The figure in peering from behind a green heart that has three discs featuring a pentacle, yin and yang and a sacred heart. It is named “Persevere” and is inspired by the spirit of inclusion, diversity and determination. 

This plaque measures 13cm wide x 19cm length x 2.5cm thick at its extremes. It features a hole in the ceramic for hanging on the wall.

Ciara Veronica Dunne is a visual artist from Ireland who has been living in Edinburgh since 2011. She makes functional and ceremonial handmade Art objects. Her illustrated ceramic style is informed by Magic Realism, cultural syncretism, Surrealism and folklore as anthropology.

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