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Ogham Alphabet Silver Pendants by Anam Jewellery

Ogham Alphabet Silver Pendants by Anam Jewellery

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Capture the timeless beauty of the Gaelic language with this exquisite Gaelic Ogham Pendant. Ogham, an ancient Gaelic alphabet, was primarily used to write the early Scottish and Irish Gaelic languages. Originating as far back as the 4th century BC, the Ogham script reflects the deep historical connection between these lands, with Dalriada on the west coast of Scotland serving as the seat of power.

Crafted from 100% solid hallmarked sterling silver. Includes an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Charms range in length from 1.5cm to 3cm, depending on the letter.

Anam jewellery is made by Ilona Henderson and inspired by their life growing up in the Scottish Highlands.

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