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Madame Culpeper’s Herbal Smoke Cleanse Sticks (Smudging/Saining)

Madame Culpeper’s Herbal Smoke Cleanse Sticks (Smudging/Saining)

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Homegrown and handmade herbal cleansing sticks - burn over a candle and allow the smoke to cleanse your space (with a window open!).

This practice is commonly referred to as Saining in Scotland or Smudging by Native Americans, the using of Smoke from burning indigenous herbs has a long in history of ritual cleansing of a space and aura.

Madame Culpeper creates these bundles with seasonal herbs and tree matter so please note there may be some variation in materials and size of bundles. Regularly included: sage, lavender, rose, rosemary, pine, cypress, fir, cedarwood, juniper, mugwort.

Herbs and trees used and their magical associations used to create the bundle are clearly labelled.

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