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Wheel of Fate

“Lunar Owl” Print by Laura Jeacock

“Lunar Owl” Print by Laura Jeacock

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“Lunar Owl” by Laura Jeacock, A5 giclee print with silver leaf.

This piece was originally created for a lunar calendar, and is also part of Laura’s 2024 Lunar Diary. The animals in this series have been chosen because they have some strong affinity to lunar cycles, or have been linked to the moon through myth and folklore. Constellations are linked to the animals themselves, and the moon has been illustrated in various phases. 

Laura has dedicated herself to the pursuit of understanding, through science, art and her faith tradition. Her artwork is inspired by the Moon, folklore, witchcraft and nature - each piece contains some magical, pagan or spiritual element. She is constantly inspired by nature and the changing landscapes around her, and this is reflected in her work. She currently lives in Edinburgh, with her partner and menagerie of familiars. When she is not creating she can be found out in the wilds of Scotland, practising yoga, or buried in an esoteric book.

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