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Wheel of Fate

Glass Bottles with Red Thread

Glass Bottles with Red Thread

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An old, old tradition in the British Isles for home protection. 

"Bottles stuffed with threads, red predominating, are still occasionally found in old houses during repair work, strategically placed up chimneys, under hearths, or above doors, all places where [the witch] may seek entrance." From Margaret Baker's Folklore and Customs of Rural England.

A corked glass bottle containing scarlet merino wool spun at Wheel of Fate. Two threads are plied together, one spun widdershins on spinning wheel, and one spun sunwise on drop spindle. Plied in this unusual way, the thread is extra coiled, and the hope is that evil will become lost following all the twists and turns and become entangled and stuck in the bottle.

This bottle is 43mm tall when corked.

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