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Wheel of Fate

Felting Needle Essential Pack

Felting Needle Essential Pack

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A collection of various felting needles making this an ideal project pack.

From all-round use, fine & delicate work to reverse felting - this handy collection of needles has all the essential gauges for your next felting project.

Each needle gauge comes in a protective tube for safe storage.

Each pack contain 9 needles:

-3 x 36 Gauge Triangular (standard all round use)

-3 x 40 Gauge Triangular (fine detail and delicate work)

-1 x 19 Gauge Triangular (firm needle for course fibres)

-1 x 36 Gauge Spiral (useful for speed or deeper felts)

-1 x 40 Gauge Reverse (pulls fibres back out to create a fur effect)

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