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Wheel of Fate

Tumbled Crystals

Tumbled Crystals

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Whether adding to a spell jar, using for rituals, or keeping in your bag for protection, these tumbled crystals are perfect for any use!

With a large variety to choose from, we have something to suite any need. Grab one of our cages and your crystal can be added onto jewellery, bags, keychains, and more!

Crystals available include:

Amethyst - memory, focus

Ametrine - clears the mind

Aura Quartz - joy, hope

Black Obsidian - protection

Blue Agate - peace, communication

Carnelian - grounding

Citrine - cleansing

Dalmatian Jasper - positivity 

Gold Tigers Eye - strength

Green Aventurine - luck, money

Labradorite - protection

Malachite - change, growth

Moonstone - balance, emotional calming

Pink Agate - balance, love

Red Jasper - calming

Rose Quartz - love, heart

Rutilated Quartz - energy

Sodalite - clarity of mind

White Howlite - calm, sleep


Crystal sizes, weights, and colours may vary from piece to piece as each are unique.

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