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Wheel of Fate

'Witch Trials' Print by Katrin Blackwater

'Witch Trials' Print by Katrin Blackwater

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A4 digital print by Katrin Blackwater  

This print features a detailed black and white illustration of an older woman holding a wooden staff and a basket full of foraged fauna. She has pouches and herbs tied to her belt and behind her is a tree in its winter phase with fungus along its trunk. Around the image is two borders. The inner border has words that read:

'You silenced our wisdom, you took our common land. You feared our magic which you didn't understand, you beat us and turned us into machines, but the old ways are returning, we are wicked! We are serene!'

The outer border features illustrations of Scottish flora, fauna and fungi.

The piece is called 'Witch Trials' and is inspired by the history of the witch trials in Scotland.


Katrin Blackwater is an Edinburgh based artist creating illustrations inspired by Scottish folklore, nature, witchcraft and the celtic neo-pagan seasonal festivals.

Many of the characters in their pieces are drawn from their performance work with Beltane Fire Society.

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