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Wheel of Fate

Bookbinding Kit

Bookbinding Kit

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Bind your own leather journal for a spell book, grimoire, book of shadows, art or dream journal! Perfect for the at-home crafter.

  • Comes with leather cover, art weight paper, tea-stained section dividers (when available), binding materials, awl, suede ties and pendant closure.
  • Our leather changes based on availability, but we do have a steady flow of etching leather in multiple colours. Please see photos for colour options, but please note colour may vary between your screen and ours. The leather covers pictured are shown next to their undersides, as this gives you an indication of the the colour brought out by the etching process.
  • Create designs by etching onto your journal cover with your awl as shown in product photos.
  • Stencils not included.



Small journals:

  • Dimensions: W: 13cm H: 10cm D: 5cm (landscape orientation)
  • Paper: 5 sections, each with tea-stained section dividers. 150 pages of heavy weight paper. 
  • Excellent portability. Ideal for a sketchbook or notebook.

Medium journals:

  • Dimensions: W: 13cm H: 21cm D: 5cm (portrait orientation)
  • Paper: 5 sections, each with tea-stained section dividers. 150 pages of  heavy weight art & text paper.
  • This is our standard size journal, recommended for spell books, diaries, dream diaries, and daily journaling.

Large journals:

  • Dimensions: W: 23cm H: 30cm D: 6cm (portrait orientation)
  • Paper: 6 sections, each with tea-stained section dividers. 165 pages of heavy weight art & text paper.
  • Great for for grimoires, spell books, book of shadows, art journals, herbal studies, Dungeons and Dragons, and more.  


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