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Solstice: A 90s Folk Horror RPG Zine

Solstice: A 90s Folk Horror RPG Zine

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Solstice by Tanya Floaker is a folk horror role-play game set in rural Scotland at the tail end of the 90s.

Everyone plays young adults compelled by the social expectation to compete to be “The Chosen of the Solstice” assigned to burn alive inside a giant Wicker Man.

Solstice is perfect for fans of folk horror which is grounded in social realism - a brilliant blend of The Wicker Man, Midsommer and Twin Peaks.


RPG Specifications:

-4 to 6 mature players: Each player takes on the role of a young adult who is in the running to be sacrificed to a Wicker Man.

-2 to 4 Hours Gameplay: This is a one-shot game.

-Player vs player gameplay: Players compete to pick the scene types that they control. Many scenes involve bidding influence tokens along with secret personality traits, aiming to win or lose votes for themselves or others.

-Low/no preparation needed: As long as you have the game zine, index cards, tokens and writing tools you’re good to go! 


Tanya Floaker is a queer activist and game designer based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. They have written “Solstice” out of inspiration from their time growing up in Perth, Scotland and drawn on cult folk-horror stories and films. 


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