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Wheel of Fate

Magnetic Print Frame

Magnetic Print Frame

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These pinewood frames are hands down the easiest way to display your art prints. In sizes small, medium, and large, these magnetic frames allow you to get your prints on the wall fast, without the need to go to a framers! Just sandwich the top of the print between the wooden slats with the eyelets, making sure the magnets are oriented properly, and do the same with the remaining slats at the bottom of the print. The effect is stylish and minimalist.

Small: 15cm. Fits A5 portrait, or A6 landscape prints

Medium: 21cm. Fits A4 portrait, or A6 landscape prints

Large: 30cm. Fits A3 portrait, or A4 landscape prints

Contents: unfinished pine, magnetic strips, metal eye screws, jute twine. Prints sold separately.

Prints: "Black Hole" by Catriona Clark, "Nature is Queer" by Johanna Koen, and "Jellyfish" by Theo Cleary

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