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Wheel of Fate

"Kelpie" Carded Wool Jumbo Batt - 100g

"Kelpie" Carded Wool Jumbo Batt - 100g

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Carded wool art batt ideal for spindle or wheel spinning. This wool was carded right here at Wheel of Fate. This batt can also be used for felting.

80% Shetland

20% Merino

This batt features a lovely gradient from blue to green. You can choose to spin this batt as a gradient, or mix it up as you go!

Our Shetland is quite soft, and appropriate for knitwear worn against the skin, especially with the additional merino content.

100g batt. Colours may vary from screen to screen. 

Sold out? Get in touch and we may be able to recreate this batt for you! (subject to availability)

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