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Here's how you could be living like a Witch without knowing!

With more and more celebrities identifying as witches and TikTok becoming a driving force for exposure, it’s no shock that the witch community has sparked an intense curiosity amongst global audiences. Moreover, as hashtags such as #WitchTok and #spiritualtiktok generate a staggering view of 57.4 Billion¹ - the question is, how do modern-day witches actually live, and how could you be living like a witch without knowing?

With this in mind, here at Wheel of Fate, we spoke to modern-day witches to unveil the five secret signs that you could be living like a witch:

  • Manifesting is your best friend
  • Gratitude and manifestation have become popular methods for empowering a positive mentality and banishing negative thoughts, but did you know that this exercise is a core practice carried out by witches daily? 


    Celebrity physic and Witch, Inbaal Honigman comments: “All the newer concepts like manifesting, the law of attraction, energy work, healing, and psychic practices are already witchcraft. Twenty years ago, if we said 'witchcraft', there was judgement, so we said the law of attraction. Ten years ago, the word manifest was used the same way. They're just new words to express old concepts. Some people are still concerned about the words conjuring, spells, occult, but when they manifest, they're actually doing all those things.”


    Betty Andrews also explains manifestation within her daily routine as a self-proclaimed Witch: ”At the core of ancient and modern witchcraft lies the pursuit of harmony, balance, and connection with the world and universe. It's about tapping into the natural energies that flow through the universe and aligning yourself with it. By doing so, the modern witch can enhance their life, manifest her desires, and bring about positive change without causing harm to others.“


    If you want to up your manifestation game, our bookbinding kits are the perfect helping hand to keep all your empowering thoughts written down in one place.

  • You love harnessing positive energy
  • Introducing new and existing energies is a method of witchcraft. Using crystals to harness energy has been around for many years, but more recently, using crystals has become a widespread technique for inviting different forms of energy into people's lives. Speaking on the topic, Inbaal comments: “Witches will wear their crystal necklaces and have a broomstick keychain. Witches are interested in crystals, as is everyone else. A rose quartz crystal in our pocket for witches who want to enhance their love lives or a tiger's eye crystal in our wallet for those who want greater financial success.”


    Betty adds: ”The modern witch doesn't need a wand to cast spells or a cauldron to brew potions. Their magic lies within their intentions and the energy they cultivate. They understand the power of thoughts, words, and actions, using them to manifest their desires and create positive change in their lives.”


    Cassie Brooks, a public Witch, children's book author and LGBTQIA+ advocate, unpacks popular TikTok myths surrounding energy in your home: ”The bathroom is seen as a home's place for waste removal and cleansing. Some people associate it with the health and wealth of a family, and keeping the door shut protects it from negative energy. In fact, hanging a mirror on the bathroom door reflects negative energy in another direction.” 


  • Rocking the affirmation game like a boss
  • Positive affirmations are statements people use daily to fend off negative and intrusive thoughts. 


    With 1B views for the TikTok hashtag #Affirmation², Inbaal emphasises that everyone practices bits of witchcraft every day without realising: ”When we want to do something complicated and say 'I can do it' to ourselves, we're doing magic through affirmation. When we light a candle to lift the energy of a room that feels emotionally stuffy, we're doing candle magic! When we make a herbal brew and stir it clockwise to empower it, this is witchcraft.”


  • Nature is your happy place
  • Although people may think witches follow a particular religion and worship the devil, it’s quite the opposite. Whether identifying as Wiccan or Pagan, witchcraft worships nature and the earth.  


    Cassie explains the motivators behind witchcraft belief: ”Witchcraft is not a religion; it is a practice, and not everyone who practices identifies as a witch. I'm a Witch when I worship and commune with the universe. I am a Witch when I celebrate and honour the changing of the seasons and flow with the moon's phases and give thanks for their light. I'm a Witch when I honour the sacredness of nature, when I recognise and celebrate my shared divinity and value, and use my intuition.”


    Inbaal adds: ”Modern witches pick and choose the parts of the religion they want to follow. They may celebrate the full moon, or they may skip one. They can bring any God or Goddess they want into the magic circle, or none at all!”


  • A mindful routine is your non-negotiable 
  • Modern witches balance their days around intentional daily routines. With the search term  ‘gratitude journal’ generating 8k monthly searches, people may practise the same daily routine as a witch without realising it.

    Betty shares how to practice a mindful routine on a daily basis: “Start with grounding and centring exercises. Take a moment to connect with the Earth, meditate, or simply breathe in and out. Pulling a tarot or oracle card each day can provide guidance and insight into the energies surrounding you. Using affirmations, journaling, or lighting a candle, make your desires known to the universe. Finally, you can indulge in a little spellwork if that tickles your fancy. Remember, witchcraft is all about embracing your own style, so make it your own!”

    Why choose witch craft workshops 

    Witchcraft is in the things you do, and you are what you do. Whether it’s a broom-making or a bookbinding workshop, crafting allows people to connect with the world in a tangible way and participate in the act of creation and self-creation. Likewise, practising traditional crafts puts us in touch with those who practised these crafts before us, which is incredibly special. Whether you practice witchcraft or not, at Wheel of Fate, we are proud to have created a vibrant and inclusive space where people are welcome to participate in our unique witch craft experience.

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