image from moon witch 2022. a woman in a cloak stands on stage, lit in blue light, arms raised, with a moon projected behind her and an oversized book on the floor

From Salem to Edinburgh: Our Story So Far

Gret and Bruce opened our first location, the Witchery, in their studio apartment in Salem Massachusetts in 2016. Originally conceived of as a combination performing arts and tarot space, it was quickly apparent that their tiny front room was not big enough for their vision!

Salem was once a port city bustling with international trade - more important even than Boston! In 1692 the city was rocked by the deadly Salem Witch Trials, during which time 19 innocent people were killed on suspicion of witchcraft. Today Salem is a popular tourist destination not only for the historically minded, but also for practitioners of modern day witchcraft and enjoyers of the Halloween season. Salem in the autumn buzzes with the thrum of visitors looking for alternative activities to do on their trip. That’s where The Witchery comes in!

Now located on picturesque Pickering Wharf, The Witchery holds daily workshops on broom making and bookbinding. Gret also runs tarot workshops where visitors can learn the art of reading the cards in an intuitive way. Throughout the year, Gret and Bruce host live, ongoing performances of Tarot Theatre which weave together mythology, moon lore and tarot to explore the human journey. Their upcoming show is called Swords, exploring the menacing suit of swords in tarot through live original music, performance art, spoken word, interpretive dance & more!

Photo by Molly Waring

In the past few years we have seen a renewed interest in handmade crafts and DIY. The Witchery has proved immensely popular as a creative space prioritising locally grown, ethically sourced crafting materials and supplies. We offer visitors an authentic, hands-on experience: not just an item to take away, but the knowledge of how to make that item themselves from scratch.

With the runaway success of The Witchery in Salem, we have made the exciting decision to expand to Edinburgh! Our second location, Wheel of Fate, will be opening in Spring 2023, offering not only broom making and bookbinding classes, but also fibre arts workshops as well. It is perfect for visitors looking for things to do in Edinburgh that are authentic, alternative, and hands-on!

The name Wheel of Fate comes from the mediaeval concept of the Wheel of Fortune (in Latin rota fortunae). In the tarot, this is the tenth card of the major arcana, symbolising significant change or a reversal of fortune. The wheel in our logo is a spinning wheel, symbol of fibre craft. See how the wheel sits in the corner, leaving a crescent moon shining below it? Our logo was designed and hand carved by the talented artist Theodora Cleary, whose work you can see here.

I (Tara) will be running this location. As Gret’s daughter, I have a lifelong love for witchcraft and folk magic. I have mostly been living in Edinburgh since 2010, but lovingly consider Salem my home base when in America. I love teaching workshops, and am excited to share my love of hand crafting and fibre art with you all!

Looking for things to do in Edinburgh city centre? Want hands-on activities to do during your Edinburgh Fringe holiday? We will soon be announcing the location of our new shop, so follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or sign up to our email list to be the first to know!

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