Brigid dolls at the witchery

An Unexpected Trip

A few weeks ago I made a last minute trip to Salem. March is very much the "off season" for Salem, where in contrast to October's vibrant scenes of thronging costumed crowds, the city is peaceful (albeit bitterly cold). Many shops close mid-week, but a good number of visitors and still come to enjoy the city at the weekend. If you care more about the history of the city than the bustle of Halloween—and you don't mind the weather—March is a great time to visit Salem.

I got a chance to see The Witchery in its calmest state, as the crew taught workshops and prepared crafting materials for the Summer and Autumn crowds. The quiet months are a time when creativity can flex itself, and this is clear to see in the pieces on display!

In addition to the broom making and bookbinding workshops they normally offer, the team at the Witchery has also been making these amazing Brigid dolls! This year has been great for Brigid dolls and Brigid crosses alike, with more and more people outside Ireland and Scotland being introduced to the craft. Traditionally these dolls are made of straw, but at the Witchery they have an abundance of broomcorn, and a low-waste ethos!

Additionally, they have started doing free-form, open crafting in the form of oracle card collage and many other fun activities. Sadly, I did not grab a photo of their open crafting station!

See how sweet these journal kits look all wrapped up? They've got everything you need inside to make your own leather-bound book, including an awl.

And you can't beat the brooms made at the Witchery. Here is a large, medium, and small on display so crafters can get an idea of what a final product looks like. My favourite is the medium, because it was made by my partner Theodora (who also designed our logo)!

I'll leave it there, but go ahead and check out our Instagram reels for a full video tour!


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