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Wheel of Fate

Silver Wrist Tork Bracelet by Anam Jewellery

Silver Wrist Tork Bracelet by Anam Jewellery

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This beautiful sterling silver wrist torc has been hand made, polished and left to infuse in the moon's powerful light. The spiral design allows for gentle movement of light across the ridges and surfaces of it's curved shape, tapering elegantly at the ends for a delicate, contemporary look.

During the Celtic period, torcs were often used in rituals, and were thought to give the wearer protection in the same way as a charm or totem might. They were worn around the neck, arm, ankles and wrists, and were often buried with their owners to be taken with them to the next life.

Anam jewellery is made by Ilona Henderson and inspired by their life growing up in the Scottish Highlands.


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