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Wheel of Fate

Incense by The Bour Tree

Incense by The Bour Tree

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This fresh incense by Bour Tree comes in three different scents:


Soisgeul is a magic intended to protect and to elevate the mood. This incense calls on the ancient use of Thyme and Honeysuckle. Both these herbs have been used to provide magical protection in the past and both are known for their cheering scents.

This incense has been blended with Wild Thyme, Honeysuckle, essential oils and copal gum. It is an uplifting and cheerful scent.


The Gaelic word ‘Seun’ means ‘protection from magic’. It translates into Scots as ‘Saining’. This process is akin to smudging, but Scottish. This incense calls on the ancient use of Pine and Juniper to cleanse a space and defend against The Evil Eye.

This incense has been blended with Juniper berries and ‘leaves’, hand picked Scots Pine needles, Pine resin (hand gathered), gum arabic and essential oils of Pine and Juniper. It is a clean, fresh scent, long lasting.

-Eòlas -

Eòlas is the magic of healing in Highland magic. This incense is blended with Rose Petals and Elderflowers, Rose to bring mental and emotional healing and Elderflower to support physical healing. The incense contains Rose and Elderflower oils, real petals and flowers, Gum Arabic and Copal Gum.

Each brown glass jar should contain a minimum of 16g of incense. A little goes a long way ,with a pinch or two being used on a charcoal disk in a heat proof bowl.

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