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Wheel of Fate

Cup and Ring Sporran by Wild Felt

Cup and Ring Sporran by Wild Felt

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Beautifully hand crafted Cup and Ring Sporran by Wild Felt.

This unique sporrans design comes from the cup and ring marked rocks found across Scotland. A one piece felted pouch made from undyed Scottish wool with a Scottish antler toggle. Before pockets, sporrans were used for carrying everyday materials. Simply a pouch hanging on a belt, it may have contained coins or oats, tools or the days foraging.

Jenny’s practice is centred on heritage crafts, with particular focus on feltmaking. She is concerned with and radically cares for the natural world of which we are intrinsically connected, and so a sustainable and ethically sound practice is of primary importance. Her work is a spiritual experience, connecting her back to her Scottish heritage, placing her in right relation with the land and addressing the great disconnect that so many of us feel. Craft becomes a vessel that takes us back to the roots of all things; sourcing wool directly from local shepherds and smallholders, priority is given to wool from high welfare animals. Finally, the alchemical process of felt making commences. Wood burns to heat water, and water transforms hairs from sheep into cloth. From fleece to felt, a responsibility to the land and our ancestral heritage is honoured.

Dimensions are: 23cm in length x 20cm width (at widest point)

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