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Wheel of Fate

Aubrey “Elf Ruler” - Amethyst Tower Pendant

Aubrey “Elf Ruler” - Amethyst Tower Pendant

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An incredible statement necklace from ‘The Emporium Next Doorium’ - The Aubrey “Elf Ruler” Pendant brings together tranquility and calm with an Amethyst tower set in copper electroformed metal. This meaningful necklace crafted with magical intent makes a beautiful addition to any crystal lover’s collection. Amethyst is known for its calming, protective energy and Aubrey’s amethyst tower symbolises inner strength and balance, with its regal purple hues providing a beautiful way to keep amethyst’s uplifting energy close throughout your day.

 One of a kind piece - Amethyst cluster pendant H: 3.5cm W: 1.5cm Copper necklace chain: 52.5cm

Leilani is a Glasgow-based electroforming artist who creates one-of-a-kind nature-inspired jewellery. Electroforming is an electrochemical process where copper molecules are slowly deposited onto a base, using electricity. 
Leilani hand-selects crystals from a local geologist, choosing each one for its unique beauty. She forages for natural materials like leaves, twigs, bones, and even insects, taking only what has naturally fallen or passed away. Leilani also sculpts, using her own fired pieces as the base for more experimental works. Every creation is made with love, care, and passion, reflecting the intersection of art, science, and the craft of witchcraft. Each piece is entirely unique and serves as a special gift or treat for yourself.
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